Advanced Piloting (updated 15 August 2015)

Prerequisite - Seamanship (previously called Piloting)

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  • Advanced Piloting:  06 Jan to 06 Apr 2016

Course Price:   Printed Material:
CPS members  $170.00 (includes 2 charts).  For non-members, $200.  
eBook: Member $155.00, Non-member $185.00


Course Duration:  13 two-hour weekly sessions

"It is established for a custom of the sea that yf a ship is lost by defaulte of the lodeman the maryners may, yf they please, bring the lodeman to the windlass or any other place and cut of his head"  from the Black Book of the Admiralty

No we do not teach the above ....... however, the skilled navigator of today certainly must be confident, precise and in fact, able to keep his head.  While the advent of electronic equipment has made navigation easier, there is still a need to use the traditional tools and methods of plotting to check position, especially in case of equipment or power failure.  This course is approximately thirteen weeks long and concludes with a two-part exam. The course stresses competence and accuracy in chart work to standards recognized in the maritime industry.

Course Content:

  • Charts
  • Compass
  • Course, Bearing and Position
  • Electronic Navigation
  • Effects of Current and Leeway
  • Running Fixes
  • Tides and Tidal Currents
  • Cruise of the M.S.Aypee
  • The course kit for the classroom includes, Student Notes, Homework Folder, Tides in Canadian Waters and two charts.
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