Celestial Navigation (updated 25 August 2012)

(Prerequisite - Advanced Piloting)

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  • Celestial Navigation is not being offered at this time. Please check back for Fall 2013.

Course Price:  Course price is $200. Non CPS members, please add $45 to the course price.  There are some additional items involved in Celestial Navigation that are not included in the course price. These can be purchased through the Squadron Supply Officer.  The items are:
  • Bowditch $90.00 or free on the Internet
  • Current Year Nautical Almanac $40.00
  • USPS Star and Planet Guide $40.00
Payment for the above may be made by Cash, Cheque, Visa or MasterCard.  Please make cheques payable to "Ottawa Power and Sail Squadron".


Course Duration:  20 two-hour weekly sessions.

This course introduces the Navigator to route planning for going offshore, may the voyage be long or short.  While overshadowed by the new electronic systems, the art and science of celestial navigation is still a valuable asset especially to the offshore boaters and those in the Cruising World.  This course provides the student with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills of celestial navigation.  It involves the use of a sextant for taking sights.  The Squadron has several that students can borrow for that purpose.  The student will also require a scientific hand held calculator with trigonometric capability.

Winter sessions include theoretical concepts. Field work takes place in late spring and summer. Exams are in the fall.


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