Electronic Navigation (updated 06 August 2016)

(This course is open to the public)

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  • Electronic Navigation 12 April to 24 May 2017
Course Price:  CPS member $140. For non-CPS members $185.  Payment made on-line.  


Course Duration:  5 two-hour weekly sessions with a lot of "hands-on" demonstrations.

Course content:

This course will allow the pleasure craft operator to navigate safely knowing his exact location at all times. You will learn to navigate using GPS and paper charts as well as electronic charting devices. It includes a CD containing a number of charts and a full scale simulator of a chart plotter to help you learn by doing. Join with others to share experiences and knowledge.

GPS technology provides additional safety and can help make navigating much easier on the water. You will learn about hand-held and built-in GPS and Chart-plotter instruments and become familiar with the many features and capabilities of these devices. This course covers the features, capabilities and uses of electronic charts and the variety of ways they are available - from chart-plotters, PDA's, tablets, laptop and desktop computers. Learn about electronic programs like Maptech, OZI, FUGAWI and Nobeltec.

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