Instructor Development (updated 25 August 2012)

(This course is open to CPS members only)

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  • Instructor Development is not offered at this time. Please check back for Fall 2013.

Course Price:  Complete Course (Manual/Instruction/Exam) $35.00   
Payment may be made by Cash, Cheque, Visa or MasterCard.  Please make cheques payable to "Ottawa Power and Sail Squadron".


Course Duration:  2 two-hour weekly sessions.

A course for Squadron Members who are interested in instructing one of our courses, it also may be of value to Proctors who may be thinking of instructing in the future.  Squadron Courses range from three nights (GPS and Boat Pro) through to 13 weeks (Boating, Piloting, and Advanced Piloting).  Instructing can be a one person task or a multi-person task depending on the subject matter, for instance Extended Cruising used three or four people with expertise in different fields.

Course Content:
  • Verbal and non-verbal communications
  • Adult learning theory
  • Adults with learning disabilities
  • Lesson plans
  • Questioning skills
  • Teaching aids
  • Presentation techniques


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