2018 Ottawa Boat ShowOttawa Boat Show

Watchkeeper Roster

The Annual Ottawa Boat Show is our opportunity to present the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons to the public. This year it occurs 22nd – 25th February.   The Ottawa Squadron hosts a booth at the show. The Roster sign-up sheet is set out below. Members handle enquiries and promote CPS-ECP to the public.

Volunteers are needed to fill the available slots on the schedule below.

To volunteer to fill any of the watchkeepers slots, please e-mail our   , Bruce Harris, identifying which slot number you would like to fill. 

This year we will have the CPS-ECP Training Simulator in our booth. We expect this will be an additional attraction to interest boaters in CPS-ECP courses and events. (During the show the simulator will be managed by a team trained in its use).

Thank You in advance for participating in this important event.

  Court Harkness
Commander OPSS

The tables below will be updated regularly to reflect the latest information.

Thursday, 22nd February

SLOT START FINISH Watchkeeper 1 Watchkeeper 2
1 1100 1300 Guy Ladouceur Marjorie Ladouceur
2 1300 1500 David Root          Jacques Boudreault Rob Cross
Bert de Vry Reginald Guilbert
3 1500 1700 Jacques Boudreault

Reginald Guilbert    Gary Kehoe

4 1700 1900 Stephen Petruska Jim MacLeod

Friday, 23rd February

SLOT START FINISH Watchkeeper 1 Watchkeeper 2
5 1100 1300 Paul Gaudreau Gary Kehoe
6 1300 1500 Gary Kehoe Paul Gaudreau
7 1500 1700 Court Harkness
Carol Harkness
Tom Beaver
8 1700 1900 Terry Hamilton Linda Hamilton

Saturday, 24th February

SLOT START FINISH Watchkeeper 1 Watchkeeper 2
9 1000 1200 Bryan Carrol Guy Ladouceur
10 1200 1400 Bruce SD Harris Carol Maclennan
11 1400 1600 Bruce SD Harris
Carol Maclennan
Dave Omond
12 1600 1800 Stephen Petruska Jim MacLeod

Sunday, 25th February

SLOT START FINISH Watchkeeper 1 Watchkeeper 2
13 1000 1200 Stephen Petruska John Mitchell
14 1200 1400 Kevin Lake Dave Omond
16 1600 1700 Guy Ladouceur Marjorie Ladouceur


Training for watchkeepers will be provided. Information will follow. We hope that all Watchkeepers will attend the training session.